Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My Blues Blog for Christmas

Hi everyone,

And welcome to my last Blog this side of Christmas.

What with promoting my Album “Love and Blues”

making an iPhone ringtone (“The Secrets Summer Keeps”) and
of course writing more poems lyrics, I‘ve been busy; but still found time to make this Blog for you.

“See You in the Big Time”.

Now live on Amazon Kindle with a review by Bryan Cowsert. Thanks Bryan for your positive feedback and comments !

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Links to poems mentioned – click to hear me read these to you:-

Night Rain

Which Dictionary Did You Swallow?

New poem: “If I don’t tell ‘em who will?”

This one came to me from a phrase overheard on the main shopping street, plus the thought that singing the Blues is in its way “testifying”. Like in a gospel church where the pastor tells the congregation how it is (“No... truly!”).

See after the poem for Aaron Neville’s version of “Tell it like it is”, second after his version of “Bird on a Wire” in my book.

If I don’t tell ‘em who will?

If I don’t tell ‘em
reckon no one will.
Then no one

will know that thrill.

Of how a good love, deep and true,
can chase away the sadness,

it can happen for you.

So if I look at you and holler

Don’t slide on by
crying “enough”.

It’s for your good
and not my health.

That I’m here testifying,
sharing the gospel of my love.

If I don’t tell ‘em
reckon no one knows.

Each soul passing’s ripe for love’s harvest

whether slick
or ragged clothes.

Love’s glorious appearing can come upon us any day
wars n doubts n fears, uncertain

merely signs it’s on its way.

So listen good today

don’t harden up your hearts.
Takes a deal of bold and sweat

spreading love’s good news

round these parts.

Takes a deal of bold and sweat

Spreading love’s good news
round these parts.

This poem © Louis J. Casson 2011 All rights reserved.

Link to “Tell it like it is”:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcbbOYcEz88

“Singing the Blues” session 5th November: how it went

My last blog mentioned my taking a session in Blues singing phrasing with Andra Sparks (singing) and Nick Weldon (Piano).

Thanks Andra and Nick for a lovely day! Inspiring, and such a lot to take away to work on.

Nick Weldon & Andra Sparks Website: http://jazzschool.co.uk/

Louis’ Digital Jukebox.

Here’s the links to my music selection for this month, with a Blues flavour. Some of these tracks we went over in the “singing the Blues session”:-

“How long”, Jimmy Witherspoon

“Bright Lights Big City”, Jimmy Reed

“Big City Blues”, Mel Torme & Barry Manilow

“A Bad Case of the Blues”, Dinah Washington

“Juke Joint Blues”, Big Joe Turner.

My favourite - “House of the rising sun“, The Animals (with Eric Burdon on vocals) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mmdPQp6Jcdk


Time to start the festive season with a disco classic: “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Barry White. Featuring Lisa Stansfield as Lady Godiva seeking her horse among shoppers – strange things happen up North folks!

That’s all for now folks, have a happy holidays. Till my next Blog, take care. Louis J  

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