Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Reasons to and not (Poem, notes), Building Resilience, Maryport Blues Festival, The Micah Conversation.

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“Reasons to and not” (poem making). Sources and notes:

“Stone dry inside”; an unconscious  link to Godfather III. May mean goodness remains inside even though all bad events acts flow over outside in this life (Godfather’s, played by Al Pacino) Or ...

Flow of info in the modern world, no pause to act; or cognitions to assess, true, untrue? An inspirational clip/ “the inch” speech clip by Al Pacino from YouTube, link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WO4tIrjBDkk

Cognitive process i.e. we accept what comes in as data, thoughts (cognitions then assess this) leads to acceptance rejections, emotions of actions. But “filters” act on data, i.e. our beliefs, values, “rule” re the world and how it should be etc. Our upbringing and education we have learned (“IF this happens / is true, THEN...”)

One criticism: is data coming in true (valid)? Are our senses reliable Kant : the only thing I can be certain of is that, I cannot be certain of anything” Immanuel Kant (1724 – 1804) a self contradictory statement, since it excludes the position that one can in fact know something. My thanks to The Maryvale Institute for their training in philosophy! (really how to make a better argument & think)
Link: http://www.maryvale.ac.uk/index.php

After reading Wilful Blindness by Margaret Heffernan. Amazon link to:

I made a listing of “Reasons to believe and not”, with some of my own thoughts added. Chorus - repeated - came later. Fairly simple rhyme scheme, at one point “rhyme within rhyme” s it were (example) of lines).

The reference to “Brain on a silver platter” not a threat but an appeal to think things through for yourself. Rene Descartes “I think therefore I am” modern replacement is I am therefore I think (not)?

Coming up for Blues fans...
Maryport Blues festival, 29 – 31st July, Sandi Thom headlining, link:

“Building Resilience” Helpful links for difficult times...

Michael Neenan (link to Amazon review)

Link to Changing Careers articles:
“8 Steps to Career Change Success”. See pages 10 & 11,

“Building Resilience”, see pages 16 to 19,
See also the Sub link in article to my top 10 Resilience building Tips, plus ACTION TIPS.

The Micah Conversation.

I’m starting spiritual conversation program in June and so will be taking a break from Blogging / posting over the months of June and July.

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Kate and Wills Ride Out: a poem for the Royal Wedding

Hi everyone,

Following my last blog on Royal Rhyme I decided to write one for the recent Royal Wedding, hence it is in Royal Rhyme. I took as my model the poem by Thomas Wyatt "They Flee from Me", so it is a little old fashioned in feel and tone; but perhaps like Kate's dress it is echoes of past tradition blended with the modern.

In the lines are also references to the meaning of such a public event, like all weddings it is a symbol of future hopes, also at this time of year leaving bad weather behind and seeing new life spring up round us. It could also be taken to mean the event viewed as a turning point leaving past troubles behind. I'm also aware that I've adapted a line from Seamus Heaney where he stated that poetry is a "dream dreamt while awake" and indeed the Royal wedding had a slightly unreal (?) fairy tale quality to it.

Heres's the poem, till next time keep safe...

                Kate and Wills Ride Out

Kate and Wills ride out in a coach, to new hopes shared by all

With waving hands to greet the nations cheers.

Forgetting past histories shadows, now sunshine after sometime squall
brave fronting new hearts, love casting away fears.

The turning point is shared by all along their ways

we greet their happy hopes we share in them too

so many cares now swept aside, now spring and summer blooms anew.

May fortune smile her graces, upon the youthful pair

this day’s divine, but better may it come,

Events that follow, children love and coronation day’s sweet air,

When sceptre and orb will greet, the new placed crown.

And all faces bright with ne’er a frown;

such joyful future who would miss?

We smile in mind’s eye at the picture of such bliss!

It was a dream, but in day’s waking clearly felt.

When all was new, made in the happiness

into the crowd’s joyous feelings, my smile my heart did melt;
surfeit of delight chasing away all sadnesss

And all Winter’s long days lack of gladness.

So may they accept these lines from a humble man,

No bard that’s great or touched by fame, yet I do what I can.

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