Thursday, 16 December 2010

Now on Kindle: Blues Hung Up to Dry, Brand New Highway Stretching On. Your Festive Blessing.

After a great deal of work - editing etc- the Blues poems lyrics books are now on Kindle. Looking through them last night, I feel a great affinity for them, more so than the previous love collections - but then to quote a line from another of my poems "I defend all my children" (nothing wrong with romantic poems) so it's most likely a matter of different subjects/ styles to suit the poems lyrics that come out.

Still struggling with Kindle's ways. As an automated publishing system it can do strange things to your format, hence the cover pic on one of the books got slightly "clipped" but I can only do my best. (I'd need more knowledge of editing HTML to sort it out better)

At least I fixed the issue of a relatively short book of poems lyrics, only giving a taster of two or three poems. By moving the index of lines, about the Author, and foreword to the back of the books, I "forced" the Kindle software to include more poems lyrics in the FREE sample pages (about 10% of the total contents) I you are publishing novels via Kindle you will not have the issue I'm talking about- since your novel likely to be way more lengthy than my poems lyrics anthologies.
Will it lead to any sales? We'll see...  

In the books I acknowledge the support given by Ernie Ball Music Man in letting my post my poems lyircis on their Forum. Strangely enough - just pure coincidence - one of the anthologies has it's ident number including Bongo - a bass made by music man and the one I play myself. (Brand New Highway Stretching On, ASIN: B004GB0NG0  !!)

Hoping to recover from a bad cold in time for the festive season, there's a lot of this going around in Winter.

If you 've read this far - thank you - then here's a poem for a festive blessing, text size increased to aid the reading . All the best, Louis:-

The Affirmations

No sun can set, yet leaves * better wise.

Or smile when seen,

Can fail to light *’s eyes.

The winds may chill, as from the trees fall leaves.

But still the green spring comes,

*’s hope believes.

Life’s stone’s disturb the pool, reflections concealed.

Soon smoothed,

The returned beauty is revealed.

When life’s way dims and pleasures seem in dearth;

Friends hands will bear * up,

To resolve’s birth.

Keep these lines * around you, may they mean;

These affirmations close by,

Read and often seen.

For what we think and dwell on, oft it’s said;

Sets scripts for life,

Our feet follow our head.

NB: Replace and insert your name where * appears to unlock the inner blessing of these lines.

All contents © Louis J. Casson  2010 All rights reserved.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Which "box" does a poem fit into? Ethics & Moral issues

Which "box" does a poem or lyric fit into?
Afer completing the editing of the next two anthologies of  Blues poems lyrics, I realised that some are in fact already in the Kindle books on Love; the reason being they were more romantic and lyrical compared to the other pieces in the Blues collections, hence a better fit to the love selection (don't worry I'm checking to avoid duplicating pieces in the collections - no poem lyric will appear in more than one collection).

In the upcoming collection Blues Hung Up to Dry we have "Lady Luck" really a sort of Torch song, but with a Blues feel aspect so it fits with the other Blues pieces. The Blues is after all broad Church, there's room for all aspects and styles.

Love poems lyrics collections now out for reviews to place later on Amazon Kindle. Also reviews calls for the Blues anthologies: Blues hung Up to Dry and Brand New Highway Stretching On.

Patterns of anthology themes so far: Love, Blues, next?...Faith, general.
working title of the faith/general one: That Brightening Glow

Moral issues.
I usually sift out from anthologies all poems lyrics falling into the categories of: -

Funny but too vicious or cruel, Pieces where any person can be identified as the poems subject (safeguard against libel actions), Too sexual, graphic. Violent. Anti faith, religion. Too crude, coarse language. Bad taste. Strong language. Open to negative misinterpetation. Too much bitterness, "Rant" Bleakness. Too little content (no point made, too brief) Poetically lyrically weak - not to standard. Vague or confused - where is the message/point?

This follows my ethos of not giving offence gratuitously, you can make your points, say what you want without using the above listing. It's also inline with my Christian Faith.

Someone once said really bad language was OK to include since "you hear it everyday on the bus" however most people don't like to hear it - "keeping it real" is one thing but why erect a barrier to your work being read/heard?

What is the aim? (what does he include?), these:

Things to raise the spirit, human condition: Love, care of others, nature, beauty, critique of modern modes & thinking, music, humour, faith, ridicule, satire, anger (to some degree). 

Other poets lyricists of course are not bound by these rules, but looking over my work to date they seem to be the ones I apply.

Friday, 12 November 2010

New Blues lyrics/ Poems collections: coming on Kindle

Promotion actions. Following the release on Amazon Kindle of my Love poem lyrics collections:
Sharing a Small Soft Star and The Secrets Summer keeps; I'm looking for ways to further PR, promote these, raising my profile etc. So I will send some copies out for to review by others. After printed copies srating in 2001, I'm now focussing on a digital - Kindle route- using social media to promote more widely. Blues going dot com- (Jimmy Smith - master of the Hammond Organ - made an album dot com blues)  

Blues poems lyrics anthologies.
This week I did the first drafts of the next two collections: Brand New Highway Stretching on and Blues Hung Up To Dry; both will be ready to release on Amazon Kindle sometime in the next two weeks.

These volumes contain most of the the poems written and posted on the Ernie Ball Musicman forums site - a few of them, about six,  found their way into the love poem collections. The Blues can be happy also! The tears of happiness and emotion; at gaining something longed for, the lucky break etc..

I've been aware of all the past old time blues themes and lyrics. Blues readers expect to come across these conventions; which are part of the essential Blues identity, but I've included new references to modern times and issues, written in my own "voice" as poet/lyricist.

The "eternal universals" of the human condition are still there: faith, religion, love, aspirations, lack, love, joy, sorrow, problems, frustrations, anger, hope etc. You can always get a fresh view and lines on these things: based on your own life and also what you hear, see around you.

The "killer line" is all; stirring the reader/listener into a "what!" reaction or silence. You find these in the works of Leonard Cohen or Bob Dylan - not literal sense perhaps but profoundly touching and feeling completely right.

History is never exactly repeated. Because society/technology, the economy, environment etc; so the blues written now reflects the now. We have one foot on the river bank of history/Classics in the Blues; the other is in the river - flowing and now - creating and moving onwards.

From a philosopy viewpoint we stand on the column of our fore-fathers; acknowledging our existence literally as people and blues artists to those gone before us.  

Work to do... The essential but slightly numbing usual process of sifting to select the best out of all the pieces, then formatting, making a cover with picture etc. Some poems lyrics I have had to re-type again out of the printed books I produced in 2001- 2009, because they were not on the PC.

When is poem a song lyric? (and vice-versa) It can be difficult to know. For songs: I find a times a song of sorts is in my head and in general lyrics are more "rhymey", less complicated in the lines. Verse and chorus is also an aspect, as are repeating lines. Does it matter as long as the end result is worth the reading, engaging the readers feelings and emotions, stirring thoughts, or a point is made/idea or view shared?

Enough for now.. more later


Monday, 1 November 2010

Love Poems on Kindle: Apart, I Found an Old Letter

My books on Kindle are now “live” i.e. for purchase. A bit tricky but I managed to include at least one taster poem in each sample that Amazon Kindle will send out to would be buyers.

These are:-

From “The Secrets Summer Keeps”:


I fear the thing not yet actual, the vague awareness;

Merely this shadow on the wall,

Of the crouching beast coiled

Soon to spring, with claws.

Nothing wrong. "There" is fine with you,

Words remote over the phone.

But words give no comfort, distance ensures absence, insulates Soothement of fears...

I liked the made-up word “soothement” invented yet it seemed right to convey the idea (like ointment, “soothement” is what others give to make us feel better!).

From ”Sharing a Soft small Star”:

I Found an Old Letter

I found an old letter that I had from you before

Praising love as a healer

Found inside someone

When they accept another through their door.

And though some lines had faded it continued

This is what the letter said

You are such a lovely person

I'll keep this thought for you, even if apart or dead.

 I look out of my window, love and kisses were at the end.

When you left my world was hurled

From the warmth of certainties we knew.

I'm reminded watching the news alone,

We could sure use some healing in our world.

This is a new poem. Are the lovers still alive but separated, or is it memory of the surviving partner, the other now passed on? Sometimes the strength of the lines lie in the looseness/ambiguity.

Mingled in with the lines are ordinary observations: looking out of the window, watching the TV news; a reminder that after the event – loss of love/a person- the daily flow of events continues, as a backdrop to our feelings.

More coming...

What now? Well I have my general poems to edit into collections plus one that may be almost entirely Blues / Song Lyrics - I'll see how things go.  The overall plan is to select the best poems and lyrics from the period 2001 to 2009, some of which currently exist only in printed form; adding new lyrics/poems from 2010, then release on Kindle.

I may do a limited run of printed copies, but these are likely to be very small in mnumber (6- 10  collection say) and mainly for family, immediate friends. 

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Now published! My new love poem collections on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the links to my love poem collections: The Secrets Summer keeps: Love poems Volume One, and Sharing a Soft Small Star. Love poems Volume Two.

Please go to the Amazon Kindle Store - UK ( or world (.com) for more details. NB: Amazon Kindle can send a FREE sample of these books – the sample will contain at least one taster poem - to either your Kindle reader, or to your PC.

Just click on the link now to view the book details and obtain your FREE sample:-

Click here For UK readers:

Click here For USA, other countries:

Reading my Blog, adding yourself to my emailing list.
Please tell others, friends and family, if you think they might be interested in my lyrics and poems. If they wish to be added to my emailing list, please leave a message to this post on my Blog giving your email address.

As always best wishes, and thank you for your continuing interest in and support of my work.


Friday, 22 October 2010

Books nearly ready for release on Amazon Kindle /Bryan Cowsert Country artist

Books nearly ready for release on Amazon Kindle.

Just doing the final editing and proof reading for the release next week of two volumes of love poems on Amazon Kindle, viz:- 'The Secrets Summer keeps' and 'Sharing a Soft Small Star'

Link to view covers, NB: not available for purchase/ download as yet.

Will let you know when available on the Kindle store, and

As usual a somewhat arduous task of selecting the best poems and lyrics from the the last ten years - some are sort of in between lyrics and poems - making the contents page etc, then a cover; but all worth it in the end. own kindle reader arrived this week, so I'm keen to start using this and downloading books to read.!

Bryan Cowsert, Country music artist.
I reviewed a few sample tracks from Bryan's MySpace site, plus he sent me the link to this Youtube Video track, worth a listen to...

"I Wasn't Ready" Bryan Cowsert and Far From The City

Friday, 24 September 2010

My Lake District Tour, I Found An Old Letter


Back from Cumbria last week, weather traditional for those parts - wind and rain - but some sunny intervals! Here's the "virtual tour" as it were:-

Ullswater, they are rebuilding the pier at Pooley bridge; so the boats go from Glenridding at the moment. On the way there we spotted the Alpacas in the fields of the Alpaca Centre.

Keswick , Breakfast @ Brysons - English Grill (NB: Tiffanys may be OK, but I doubt they serve Cumberland Sausage with brown sauce there) Toasted plumbread is great! Came away with Rum Butter and Simnel Cake.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Carlisle. A visit to see the medieval glass windows in the Cathedral. The Castle is also worth a look.

Penrith/ Rheged Centre. Saw Secrets of the Pyramids on the Giant 3D screen (similar to iMax in London).

Whitehaven, visiting family. Must get to Muncaster Castle and Ravenglass railway again. Next time maybe.

Of course the muse of poems & lyrics went along with me; here's two I wrote this week:-

I Found An Old Letter

I found an old letter that I had from you before

Praising love as a healer

Found inside someone

When they accept another through their door.

And though some lines had faded it continued

This is what the letter said

You are such a lovely person

I’ll keep this thought for you, even if apart or dead.

I look out of my window, love and kisses were at the end.

When you left my world was hurled

From the warmth of certainties we knew

I’m reminded watching the news alone,

We could sure use some healing in our world.

Everything We Said

Was everything I said, a lie?

And all the things we did

Just practicing goodbye?

Truth held in a moment.

Lost in days,

Following love’s fall.

Happiness brief,

Sunshine through some clouds,

Is that all?

Was all you loved, some little play?

And all our nights, just ticking by,

Till then another day?

Feelings felt once

Deep, not easily undone.

Do you recall,

Believing too,

Or am I the solitary one?

Till next time, keep safe!

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , 2010  All rights reserved.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Lingering through... / Cumbria new home of the Blues? / Jimmy Haggard MP3 tracks review

Hi , just looking forward to another visit to Cumberland (now Cumbria) to visit family, seek the Lakes etc. This one is a reflective piece. Like most you have pictures taken @ past times, and the thought of a upcoming journey blended in to produce the following...
Lingering Through My Latter Days. (extract)

I’m gazing at a picture

Of a younger woman

Who still cares, still loves me.

Each morning the mirror

Reflects the older man

Facing changes, but love’s eyes see.

Love still lingers, love’s eyes see,

In the days and through the nights.

Going soon to see the roots country,

Visit folks and see the sites.

Love still lingers, love’s eyes see,

In the days and through the nights.

Remembering how it was, will be,

Humming tunes and songs with brights...

...Lingering through my latter days,

Couldn’t find better than you

Lingering through my latter days,

Simply alongside of you.

Simply alongside of you.

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems, Cryptic Furnace Press 2010   All rights reserved.

Cumbria - new home of the Blues? Seems Cumbria/the English Lake District is fast becoming a hot bed of the Blues! What with the Maryport Blues Festival recently completed and being broadcast on the Paul Jones show BBC R2, , and the Carlisle one coming in November there's a real genuine interest and growing vibe in the region.

As an aside I wonder if it's due to the landscape? Denmark, Norway, Scandinavian countries also have a passion for Blues too!
Jimmy Haggard MP3 tracks review. Recently I came to know Jimmy Haggards work via the Blues Power Group (LinkedIn) so I took the time to do a quick review of Jimmy's MP3 tracks. There's never less than a high standard of workmanship, most of it the usual straight ahead blues - and nothing wrong there folks!

For me the tracks to note and watch are where Jimmy's influences, roots and playing click into a blend that takes the Blues beyond the norms & conventions.

This is the full review, Jimmy has a condensed version on his website where you can listen to the tracks mentioned.

Mojo Hand.
I can only describe this as relaxed with a Bayou "Swamp" vibe.
We kick off this one with a killer riff at 0:06 - I wanted to hear it again but it didn't come up! (You really are a "Bad Boy" Jimmy) Also some really nice wah echo guitarwork at 1:20, 1:50 to note. Maybe the live version should set this right - not enough of the guitar stuff!
Jimmy's vocals at 0:10 reminded me of Lucinda Williams a little in the delivery.

Blue Sky.
Fairly straight ahead lyrics but these act as a nice foil to some sparky lead playing; if you like some crunchy cookies with your cream here it is!
I don't know who the bass player is, from a pic on Jimmy's website I assume he's also doubling on bass for this track. Overall there's a nice old Gibson EBO sound here - think Jack Bruce of Cream tone. Some good bass riffs avoiding cliches too. Builds nicely to the end.

It's Not Personal.
Picture a good slice of Dr. John on vocals, Phil Manzanera on guitar, more than a touch of funky reggae rhythm influence and we get.. this track.

Overall Jimmy's work shines best when he's minded to surprise you by taking the blues a little further. Not just "two toes in the mud", but wading out into the river.

You can hear more of his tracks on the Music page of his website, also sending a brief message via the Contact page to Jimmy for more details re gigs etc. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jimmy is also part of the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op

Reviewed by:  Louis J. Casson aka "Lowdown Louis" Blues lyrics and Poet 
Review date: August 24, 2010
NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems, Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Back Again

Another week almost concluded - weekend to come. This postings piece came about as I was expecting a book I'd reserved at the Library (The Definitive Roy Orbison Collection, published by Hal Leonard) it was returned late which was a bit frustrating, but I have it now to play!

Earlier in the week I'd watched Benny Hinn's TV program This is Your Day, on GOD TV (Virgin Media, channel 279, @ 8.30am weekdays in the UK) where Benny quoted from the Psalms "like a parched land my soul cries for thee".

The above plus my  Blues orientation lead to the piece Back Again. A somewhat strange mix  to produce this output? ("Strange Brew", as Cream would say?) But all sorts of stuff influences.

I got the chorus first, a long one, and had to write it down on the back of an envelope before it vanished - usually within a half hour unless I note it down. I have the tune in my head so I 'll need to note this too somehow (tape?)

Boy with Girl, Boy loses Girl to another, Girl comes back again; is the basic storyline of this one.  I think I've a got freshness in the words covering this.

P.S. Realised that polenta is ground corn meal, in my supermarket, so I can make cornbread after all! An end to "that low and mournful sound" referred to in my last posting - cornbread is not just for Louisiana! 


Back Again (extract)

Someone though they’d keep you

But they gave you back again.

You refresh my soul

Like summer rain.

Don’t you go away now

Leave me parched again.

Days without you

Stack up to a life in vain.

Back again.

I’m loving this feeling


He felt he’d turned the lock

But you slipped off the stock.

You broke the chain.

He thought he’d call the tune

But you rewrote the music.

A new refrain...

NB: All lyrics © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,
Cryptic Furnace Press 2010    All rights reserved.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

"The Blues Done Come Around Again"

The title of this post is a Count Basie track - seemed appropriate as I'm posting Blues lyrics again (I can't quit the Blues but I left it alone for a little while, as Robert Plant almost sang).

Not a bad week. Some business coaching, plus my Dean Explorer living up to expectations - working on a version of Steady Rolling Man with the low E string dropped to D.

This piece came from watching Steven Seagal, adding a slice of GOD TV evangelism, and stirring gently. Like all my stuff it's not entirely a literal meaning, more images with comments thrown in. The double chorus stanzas , single verse stanza format just happened, nice to have a different twist.

No Cornbread To Be Found (extract)

What’s that wail across the bayou

That low and mourning sound?

Through all of Louisiana

No cornbread to be found.

Why Jesus wail across the world

His low and mourning sound?

Through all kinds of nations

Few salvation seekers to be found.

Got my ticket in my pocket

See the salvation show.

All Glory Jesus Jesus

Ask for money, see them go.

They're trying to bring the fire down

But something aint smelling right.

Got their heads all way up way up

Too far to see the light...

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,
Cryptic Furnace Press 2010   All rights reserved.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What I did on my holidays

Hi all,

Following a less than satisfactory (90%) stay in the Norwich/Norfolk area; I decide to list all the good things about the stay rather than dwell on the negative, so here's the list (my favouright things):-

My new Dean guitar arrvied (for you guitar heads, explorer style Z79 in black with hot pickups).
Managed to get a re-issue of  a Count Basie CD (4 CD's including Joe Williams sings standards)
Listened to 2am: Paradise Cafe by Barry Manilow, some great Baritone sax work by Gerry Mulligan, vocals by Sarah Vaughan, Mel Torme etc.
Elkins Music, Norwich; very good store for singers sheeet music (low/medium voice)
Turkish delight ice cream at Gorleston beach.
GreatYarmouth: Allens music, Barry Manilow songbook (notes on songs) plus Olympia restaurant Southern Chicken with banana and pineapple fritters.
White leather top trainers.
Amber tooth charm.
Picnic in the grounds of Sandringham.
Reading King Tubby's biography.
Paddling in the the Sea.
Lobster tails in seafood sauce at Hunstanton.

Overall the above more than offsets the poor breakfast buffet, and too soft beds in the Hotel we stayed at!

Sifting (extract).

Sifting, just sifting

The good from out the bad.

Sifting, just sifting

Focussing on what aint sad.

Sifting, just sifting

I’ve decided to look to the light

Sifting, just sifting

Peel away the clouds uncover the bright.

The man at the seafood stall gives me plenty seafood sauce

Coating all the lobster tails,

Thanks me for calling, gave me two free forks...

My finest Blues lyrics? Probably not but an exercise in positive psychology ( positive cognitions, setting the filters to the brighter)

My friend Kathy wondered whether I should email those on the poems list re my ceasing -see my earlier post on  the dangers of internet postings- so I've decided to email the link to this Blog out.

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.

Friday, 9 July 2010

The Sea is calling...

The Seaside next week is calling me. Here's a poem, enjoy.

Shell Speech (extract).

My palm, pressed to my ear, makes two fleshed shells.

Cupping and containing the hollow sea, with sound of surf.

And, if I take off my shoes, the air and motion feels slightly cool

like wavelets, as I waft my feet...

From: "September Songs" © Louis J. Casson , Cryptic Furnace Press, 2007

All rights reserved.
I've always enjoyed the Sea and the waves with the Sun dancing off them. Like clouds watching there is something soothing in the aspect of water, grounding us again to the nature we are part of. 
Strangely enough thus week I posted on Linkedin a video clip of Rodney Crowell singing "Till I Can Gain Control Again"  -the song contains references to rowing, a lighthouse, and also the killer line "like sunlight dancing on your skin".
Is it the musicians, the words etc? Yes, but more so it's the song (and, as Trisha Yearwoood would sing "The Song Remembers When"). When all the elements come together then it makes for success.  
 On another note check out the single Gregory by a new band Chapter 24, on Facebook. A refreshing change to my ears, you'll probably like it too. Very good music, I also like the sound of the Fender Mustang bass, simple lines can be so effective. 
Had a listen to Dub Fever by King Tubby; Robbie Shakespeare's bass riddims are effective, seem simple - until you try to play them!

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.       

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Second Call

For the last three days the words "second call" have beeen in my mind as the seed - core - for another song lyric. From experience I know that it's best to let things simmer until the moment to write the lines out comes.

This morning was right and the lines came along with chorus too; basic idea being a meet between a man and woman,  but the man is too busy etc to pick up on the cues from her indicating a romantic interest. only later does he realise the missed chance, and resolves if they meet again he'll listen to the "second call" as it were.

"...Words flowing over me

To fall

Pooled in silence spent."

I typed it up into my PC to the draft document of poems and lyrics for later publication/final revision. Now on thinking about it I think "Second Call" also means a final announcement in the theatre that the play is about to re-start. Perhaps a good name for a future Blues band too?

I did not hear in my mind a tune while writing but the recall of that style of Charles Aznavour - conversational, where he sings/speaks as if sharing a secret with the listener. More later!

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved. 

Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Blog picture - damage control, Miles Davis

Decided to change the background to my Blog from dark colour to a lighter one, plus picture change too.
Could not find the picture used for my Facebook entry, so picked the one I drew a week or so ago when I was considering setting up a LinkedIn LION group for practsing Arts persons and those sympatico to this field. It's a picture of a friendly but slightly crazy Lion. Why AriARTS? Ari is my Godson, ARTS is as it is. (potential plagiarists out there, kindly note the copyright symbol)

A good day! I seem to have a backlog of lyrics etc to input to the PC, maybe not final - rarely happens- but can save for a look over later. Important not to overwork the materials since the freshness is then lost. Something recording artists find too, the first 2 or 3 takes are the best when you are fresh before tiredness or boredom creeps in.

New guitar scheduled for arrival 29 June -can't wait! I just recall a County & Western Song "The new never wore off my Sweet Baby". New guitars can revive you to play more etc, but you have to watch the price of getting them. I wrote a poem for my Grandad - "Fad" - called "Still Laughing In a Silent Way" which mentioned his old accordion "Silent, full of remembered musics" (He played by ear and was a big fan of Jimmy Shand)

Talking of Jimmy Shand. I was at the philosophy residential weeekend at the Maryvale Institute Birmingham, when we played a Jimmy Shand CD to football on the TV with the TV sound off. Strangely each time the goal was scored, or the players moved up the field- the "highland fling" on the field synched to the music!

Have gone thourough deleting all past poems lyircs posts on Ernie Ball Forum / Linked in Blues forum etc,as much as I can, prevents further appropriation risk.

Miles Davis on SkyArts last night - interesting ideas, i.e. themes, riffs, ideas, in a loose format of improvisation. Good results.
 NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.

Another two!

My last post concerned the process of "receiving" poems.

Last night just after watching  a film on TV I got the words for another one (I got left behind) so I wrote them down in a n ote book to type up later in my PC working file.

Later on going up to bed, I got the first two lines of the chorus of the second piece (I need to know) then had to go downstairs to finish it adding two more verses and a variation on the chorus. This is important since if I just think I'll recall it in the morning, then this may not happen and the piece is then lost.

Looks generally OK and fits with the "tune" in my head (some sort of 60's soul R N B ). But it will need a final lookover before it's finished.

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

The dangers of internet postings!

Just decide this morning to cease posting any more poems/lyrics on the internet after meeting someone (no names here, mostly because it may harm their career) who casually revealed they'd set some lyrics of mine to music- "of course I'll give you credit". (!!)

Bad not asking me for the permission beforehand (I am not happy) I'd expected someone who says they're in the music business to have more savvy  and knowledge regarding feelings around other artists work, risk of plagiarism, copyright issues etc (I always posted a copyright notice to all my work placed online).

I believe them about crediting myself but... begs this has raised the question of potentially who else is doing the same and not telling me, possibly also then passing the work off as theirs by merely cut n pasting?

Sadly the only way to be safe is not to post anything I do not want taken and used. So all internet postings of my lyrics/poems  - or other writings - are now ceased.


Thursday, 27 May 2010

A notebook beside my bed and other tips

Hello readers,

First a big thank you for the response to May last posting before 23 May, - over 320 hits on the EBMM Forums site.
Even if there are only a few comments, it'still good to know that my pieces are being read/enjoyed (evey Arts person needs an audience). Not exactly sure what is happening or why, but when good things happen you don't argue too much!

Had a really restless Tuesday night. The "Muse" as it were kept sending me lyrics and lines, so it was up and down the stairs to write them down since in the morning I can't recall them. My wife advises me to keep a notebook and pen beside the bed in case - good tip. Strangely the pieces are to fit into a musical set at the turn of the century, the piece posted today on the Ernie Ball Forum, Current Events, being one of them ("Seems I've Haven't...").

I got two pieces first, then the "book" (storyline) for the musical i.e. the storyline in to which all the songs appear. You'll see this in all the classic musicals - "book and lyrics by..." and up to now.

Makes sense but  - as I gathered from watching the SkyArts Songbook session with Don Black, also Opera on the BBC - in a musical  or Opera the song/lyrics and the music have to reflect the characters and the action on stage. A stand alone song has more freedom to be (not related to a plot or specific character as such)

For some reason thinking about the above I recall once hearing a BBC program by Benny Green, where he would present songs from musicals; one example being a musical concerning graft at City Hall, the money beng stashed in a tin box. The chorus lyrics went:

"In a little tin box, a little tin box,
That a little tin key unlocked..."

Wonder what was that musical and who wrote it?

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Last Train to Silver Mountain... and other journeys.

Very surprised / puzzled this week by the number of reads on the Ernie Ball Forums  )Current Events , General discussion)  to my postings of poems lyrics #42 to #44 (including Flight Fom Egypt - a poem re Pentecost) and also on elegy poem for Ronnie James Dio (LastTrain To Silver Mountain)

Looks like the flame of Pentecost on the Egypt poem has really turned up! (Pentecost is 23rd May, this Sunday)

Re: Ronnie, my poems reflects the fact that Metal/Hard rock music is not peopled by the stupid or morons but has it's equal share of thoughful / intelligent persons. It's diffucult to make it in any business wouthout brains.

Throughout Ronnies work there's faith references keep coming up, albeit in passing. One song reflects, alludes to his Catholic roots: Jesus Mary and the Holy Ghost, I think he also did an album Sacred Heart (?) this combined with his other fantasy/swords references point I think to someone who thought about the essential question of "What after this?"

I referred to Seamus Heaney's quote that a poem is " a dream dreamt in the presence of reason", i.e in an altered state while still awake. In the case of the Silver Mountain poem; I just thought 'why not write one for Ronnie?' and then received the words, from the Muse as it were. The rhyming of the ends of lines took a little thought, but I'm happy that references to his work and the line "... answers only come when you pass by.." got included.

The line "... answers only come when you pass by.." happened but I only realised how apt it was / got he full meaning after writing it down. That's it with lines at times you feel it reads & sounds right, has a meaning beyond the literal words. As is not uncommon some other reader will see a different meaning in it, depends upon their life experiences, situation etc.

I'll close this Blog now, with respects to Ronnie; thoughts with Wendy too.

Friday, 7 May 2010

A loooong week..

Plumbers etc now finished ripping the bathroom apart and rebuilding it - good to go back to the present and not 1930's style washing!

Both songwriting books (melody lines and chords harmony ) now delivered to start looking through then using in my work. (beyond the I, IV, V chords lies another world to discover)

The muse this week did not turn up to enable to me to write new pieces, but it usually does so next week more to add to my store.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Spam bot inspires!

On the bus I got the draft of I'm Tired of Doing the Right Thing (luck I usually carry a pen and some paper with me at all times).

Friday, 23 April 2010

Two new blues poems lyrics

My latest this week Magnus The Bass and Just Mezzing with The Blues (less serious more fun pieces unlike No Tour Required posted this week on Ernie Ball forums, Current Events).

Mezzing adapted from a poem emailed to me via LinkedIn from Bob Hudson, I added some rhyme scan to it and extra lines to make it more flowing/lyrical in nature.

With Magnus, more free flow of consciousness. An aspect the musician  preaching/bragging of his abilities.

I get lots of lines/ideas from just remarks comments  from those around me and then they just get mixed in to the final pieces - goes to prove that poets should never live in ivory towers/garretts. You don't get input from life , hence your work, on your own!    

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Editing New Collection

Following closing my entry on on (not suitable for placing poems on) I realised that my latest collection - Bigfoot Rhyme Has Flown The Coop - is not in hardcopy.

Therefore I'll need to consider:

* Editing (which are up to the standard?) spelling check etc assisted by Bernadette (useful to have someone not in the writing/poems business to tell you where you are not making sense etc)

* Who will print? Has been local printer in the past, but Amazon Kindle may be another way forward. I like the idea of thefulfillment (handling & shipping payment collection being done for you, plus ISBN)

* While with authonomy another issue cropped up. Namely: I now have a large back catalog of  past collections, printed but not all in digital (wordprocessor) form. Looking to the future it may be best to select and issue the following collections.
                 Love poems (always appreciated)
                 My selection of the rest of the poems.
                 "Bigfoot Rhyme.." (most recent collection, but not yet in print)
                 Blues & Song Lyrics collection.
                 "Whichever Way..." (future collection I'm adding to right now)

Doing - isssuing the above - will effectively add to "product" folks can purchase, while aso raising my profile more.

Question: is a poet/poetry "business"? Ultimately the reply is Yes; since even if arts people want to remain "just for arts sake" at some point the mechanics of business (PR, marketing, accounts etc etc) are needed to keep the artist (product) going, plus you cannot focus on the art or making it and handle all the other business side too.

Saw SkyArts1 last night - Roy Orbison live Melbourne 1973. Simply great!!

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Iowa Poets, fresh first take can be best.

This morning I woke up. Yes even Blues poets, lyricists do this, but not in the cliched "woke up this morning way" I hope!

I had the first lines/verse of "Why can't We Stop The Game?" so I went downstairs to write. It all came out about 20 minutes. Later this morning I've typed it up - a few changes but still retains the drive and freshness of the intial lines.

Makes me recall that sometimes the first or second draft is the best since it's got that immediate freshness. Later reworks get a tiredness, (contrived?) aspect coming in. like gig practice where the best playing is at the beginning, then later it goes flat when the players are tired, run out of ideas.

"Everybody Wants My Money" is now complete I wonder when the next more poem piece will come along (as opposed to lyrics which come along more frequently)

Lovely sunny day right now (Spring!!)

Monday, 5 April 2010

New Blues piece now complete

Finshed last blues poem lyric yesterday in hand written draft (New Highway Stretching On) saw Ain't No Grave (American 6 , Johnny Cash) on Sky Arts1 last evening, interesting to note that he had several versions, lyrics on the same tune, most not used on the final recorded version.

Will type into my PC the lyrics today, to form part of the collection in progress (whchever way I flip it...) 

Friday, 2 April 2010

More poems now arrived

Was watching TV last night when I got the lines for two new poems, one based on contemporary lyrics, the othee rmore in the 60s R & B / classic soul mode. Saw Gospel program on Al Green on Sky Arts 1 channel this morning. Phrase in end credits " sometimes the final word" will form nucleus of the next poem.

While writing this entry reminded me of the Miles Davis track " A remark you made", i.e. just a phrase overheard or remembered can lead to more lines etc.

Will go over next the Berklee Blues Bass book/CD to learn and include more licks in my playing.


Thursday, 25 March 2010

More poems coming?

It's one of those times when the muse is hiding again. Best then to wait till I get the call, and the words / lines will just come along to later edit into the final piece.

I was talking yesterday that in the Blues poems I try to avoid too much of the traditional lines (cliches?) about the Levee, Delta etc. Since I am not here in the Deep South, or the Levee.

Instead I hope that I weave my own urban take into the lines, singing phrases that seem original and read right to the ear. Frequently some general bluesy tune is in my mind when writing, so the rhythm comes out in the lines.

Like all writers (poems or other) if I hear good line somewhere, or hear of a story thne I may adapt this into my work.