Thursday, 8 April 2010

Iowa Poets, fresh first take can be best.

This morning I woke up. Yes even Blues poets, lyricists do this, but not in the cliched "woke up this morning way" I hope!

I had the first lines/verse of "Why can't We Stop The Game?" so I went downstairs to write. It all came out about 20 minutes. Later this morning I've typed it up - a few changes but still retains the drive and freshness of the intial lines.

Makes me recall that sometimes the first or second draft is the best since it's got that immediate freshness. Later reworks get a tiredness, (contrived?) aspect coming in. like gig practice where the best playing is at the beginning, then later it goes flat when the players are tired, run out of ideas.

"Everybody Wants My Money" is now complete I wonder when the next more poem piece will come along (as opposed to lyrics which come along more frequently)

Lovely sunny day right now (Spring!!)

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