Thursday, 15 April 2010

Editing New Collection

Following closing my entry on on (not suitable for placing poems on) I realised that my latest collection - Bigfoot Rhyme Has Flown The Coop - is not in hardcopy.

Therefore I'll need to consider:

* Editing (which are up to the standard?) spelling check etc assisted by Bernadette (useful to have someone not in the writing/poems business to tell you where you are not making sense etc)

* Who will print? Has been local printer in the past, but Amazon Kindle may be another way forward. I like the idea of thefulfillment (handling & shipping payment collection being done for you, plus ISBN)

* While with authonomy another issue cropped up. Namely: I now have a large back catalog of  past collections, printed but not all in digital (wordprocessor) form. Looking to the future it may be best to select and issue the following collections.
                 Love poems (always appreciated)
                 My selection of the rest of the poems.
                 "Bigfoot Rhyme.." (most recent collection, but not yet in print)
                 Blues & Song Lyrics collection.
                 "Whichever Way..." (future collection I'm adding to right now)

Doing - isssuing the above - will effectively add to "product" folks can purchase, while aso raising my profile more.

Question: is a poet/poetry "business"? Ultimately the reply is Yes; since even if arts people want to remain "just for arts sake" at some point the mechanics of business (PR, marketing, accounts etc etc) are needed to keep the artist (product) going, plus you cannot focus on the art or making it and handle all the other business side too.

Saw SkyArts1 last night - Roy Orbison live Melbourne 1973. Simply great!!

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