Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Now published! My new love poem collections on Amazon Kindle.

Here’s the links to my love poem collections: The Secrets Summer keeps: Love poems Volume One, and Sharing a Soft Small Star. Love poems Volume Two.

Please go to the Amazon Kindle Store - UK (.co.uk) or world (.com) for more details. NB: Amazon Kindle can send a FREE sample of these books – the sample will contain at least one taster poem - to either your Kindle reader, or to your PC.

Just click on the link now to view the book details and obtain your FREE sample:-

Click here For UK readers:

Click here For USA, other countries:

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Friday, 22 October 2010

Books nearly ready for release on Amazon Kindle /Bryan Cowsert Country artist

Books nearly ready for release on Amazon Kindle.

Just doing the final editing and proof reading for the release next week of two volumes of love poems on Amazon Kindle, viz:- 'The Secrets Summer keeps' and 'Sharing a Soft Small Star'

Link to view covers, NB: not available for purchase/ download as yet.


Will let you know when available on the Kindle store, Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com

As usual a somewhat arduous task of selecting the best poems and lyrics from the the last ten years - some are sort of in between lyrics and poems - making the contents page etc, then a cover; but all worth it in the end. Plus...my own kindle reader arrived this week, so I'm keen to start using this and downloading books to read.!

Bryan Cowsert, Country music artist.
I reviewed a few sample tracks from Bryan's MySpace site, plus he sent me the link to this Youtube Video track, worth a listen to...


"I Wasn't Ready" Bryan Cowsert and Far From The City