Thursday, 24 June 2010

Second Call

For the last three days the words "second call" have beeen in my mind as the seed - core - for another song lyric. From experience I know that it's best to let things simmer until the moment to write the lines out comes.

This morning was right and the lines came along with chorus too; basic idea being a meet between a man and woman,  but the man is too busy etc to pick up on the cues from her indicating a romantic interest. only later does he realise the missed chance, and resolves if they meet again he'll listen to the "second call" as it were.

"...Words flowing over me

To fall

Pooled in silence spent."

I typed it up into my PC to the draft document of poems and lyrics for later publication/final revision. Now on thinking about it I think "Second Call" also means a final announcement in the theatre that the play is about to re-start. Perhaps a good name for a future Blues band too?

I did not hear in my mind a tune while writing but the recall of that style of Charles Aznavour - conversational, where he sings/speaks as if sharing a secret with the listener. More later!

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Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Blog picture - damage control, Miles Davis

Decided to change the background to my Blog from dark colour to a lighter one, plus picture change too.
Could not find the picture used for my Facebook entry, so picked the one I drew a week or so ago when I was considering setting up a LinkedIn LION group for practsing Arts persons and those sympatico to this field. It's a picture of a friendly but slightly crazy Lion. Why AriARTS? Ari is my Godson, ARTS is as it is. (potential plagiarists out there, kindly note the copyright symbol)

A good day! I seem to have a backlog of lyrics etc to input to the PC, maybe not final - rarely happens- but can save for a look over later. Important not to overwork the materials since the freshness is then lost. Something recording artists find too, the first 2 or 3 takes are the best when you are fresh before tiredness or boredom creeps in.

New guitar scheduled for arrival 29 June -can't wait! I just recall a County & Western Song "The new never wore off my Sweet Baby". New guitars can revive you to play more etc, but you have to watch the price of getting them. I wrote a poem for my Grandad - "Fad" - called "Still Laughing In a Silent Way" which mentioned his old accordion "Silent, full of remembered musics" (He played by ear and was a big fan of Jimmy Shand)

Talking of Jimmy Shand. I was at the philosophy residential weeekend at the Maryvale Institute Birmingham, when we played a Jimmy Shand CD to football on the TV with the TV sound off. Strangely each time the goal was scored, or the players moved up the field- the "highland fling" on the field synched to the music!

Have gone thourough deleting all past poems lyircs posts on Ernie Ball Forum / Linked in Blues forum etc,as much as I can, prevents further appropriation risk.

Miles Davis on SkyArts last night - interesting ideas, i.e. themes, riffs, ideas, in a loose format of improvisation. Good results.
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Another two!

My last post concerned the process of "receiving" poems.

Last night just after watching  a film on TV I got the words for another one (I got left behind) so I wrote them down in a n ote book to type up later in my PC working file.

Later on going up to bed, I got the first two lines of the chorus of the second piece (I need to know) then had to go downstairs to finish it adding two more verses and a variation on the chorus. This is important since if I just think I'll recall it in the morning, then this may not happen and the piece is then lost.

Looks generally OK and fits with the "tune" in my head (some sort of 60's soul R N B ). But it will need a final lookover before it's finished.

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Thursday, 10 June 2010

The dangers of internet postings!

Just decide this morning to cease posting any more poems/lyrics on the internet after meeting someone (no names here, mostly because it may harm their career) who casually revealed they'd set some lyrics of mine to music- "of course I'll give you credit". (!!)

Bad not asking me for the permission beforehand (I am not happy) I'd expected someone who says they're in the music business to have more savvy  and knowledge regarding feelings around other artists work, risk of plagiarism, copyright issues etc (I always posted a copyright notice to all my work placed online).

I believe them about crediting myself but... begs this has raised the question of potentially who else is doing the same and not telling me, possibly also then passing the work off as theirs by merely cut n pasting?

Sadly the only way to be safe is not to post anything I do not want taken and used. So all internet postings of my lyrics/poems  - or other writings - are now ceased.