Thursday, 24 June 2010

Second Call

For the last three days the words "second call" have beeen in my mind as the seed - core - for another song lyric. From experience I know that it's best to let things simmer until the moment to write the lines out comes.

This morning was right and the lines came along with chorus too; basic idea being a meet between a man and woman,  but the man is too busy etc to pick up on the cues from her indicating a romantic interest. only later does he realise the missed chance, and resolves if they meet again he'll listen to the "second call" as it were.

"...Words flowing over me

To fall

Pooled in silence spent."

I typed it up into my PC to the draft document of poems and lyrics for later publication/final revision. Now on thinking about it I think "Second Call" also means a final announcement in the theatre that the play is about to re-start. Perhaps a good name for a future Blues band too?

I did not hear in my mind a tune while writing but the recall of that style of Charles Aznavour - conversational, where he sings/speaks as if sharing a secret with the listener. More later!

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