Saturday, 12 June 2010

New Blog picture - damage control, Miles Davis

Decided to change the background to my Blog from dark colour to a lighter one, plus picture change too.
Could not find the picture used for my Facebook entry, so picked the one I drew a week or so ago when I was considering setting up a LinkedIn LION group for practsing Arts persons and those sympatico to this field. It's a picture of a friendly but slightly crazy Lion. Why AriARTS? Ari is my Godson, ARTS is as it is. (potential plagiarists out there, kindly note the copyright symbol)

A good day! I seem to have a backlog of lyrics etc to input to the PC, maybe not final - rarely happens- but can save for a look over later. Important not to overwork the materials since the freshness is then lost. Something recording artists find too, the first 2 or 3 takes are the best when you are fresh before tiredness or boredom creeps in.

New guitar scheduled for arrival 29 June -can't wait! I just recall a County & Western Song "The new never wore off my Sweet Baby". New guitars can revive you to play more etc, but you have to watch the price of getting them. I wrote a poem for my Grandad - "Fad" - called "Still Laughing In a Silent Way" which mentioned his old accordion "Silent, full of remembered musics" (He played by ear and was a big fan of Jimmy Shand)

Talking of Jimmy Shand. I was at the philosophy residential weeekend at the Maryvale Institute Birmingham, when we played a Jimmy Shand CD to football on the TV with the TV sound off. Strangely each time the goal was scored, or the players moved up the field- the "highland fling" on the field synched to the music!

Have gone thourough deleting all past poems lyircs posts on Ernie Ball Forum / Linked in Blues forum etc,as much as I can, prevents further appropriation risk.

Miles Davis on SkyArts last night - interesting ideas, i.e. themes, riffs, ideas, in a loose format of improvisation. Good results.
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