Thursday, 10 June 2010

The dangers of internet postings!

Just decide this morning to cease posting any more poems/lyrics on the internet after meeting someone (no names here, mostly because it may harm their career) who casually revealed they'd set some lyrics of mine to music- "of course I'll give you credit". (!!)

Bad not asking me for the permission beforehand (I am not happy) I'd expected someone who says they're in the music business to have more savvy  and knowledge regarding feelings around other artists work, risk of plagiarism, copyright issues etc (I always posted a copyright notice to all my work placed online).

I believe them about crediting myself but... begs this has raised the question of potentially who else is doing the same and not telling me, possibly also then passing the work off as theirs by merely cut n pasting?

Sadly the only way to be safe is not to post anything I do not want taken and used. So all internet postings of my lyrics/poems  - or other writings - are now ceased.


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  1. Must have been a bit hot there in writing the posting - some typos sprouted!