Friday, 9 July 2010

The Sea is calling...

The Seaside next week is calling me. Here's a poem, enjoy.

Shell Speech (extract).

My palm, pressed to my ear, makes two fleshed shells.

Cupping and containing the hollow sea, with sound of surf.

And, if I take off my shoes, the air and motion feels slightly cool

like wavelets, as I waft my feet...

From: "September Songs" © Louis J. Casson , Cryptic Furnace Press, 2007

All rights reserved.
I've always enjoyed the Sea and the waves with the Sun dancing off them. Like clouds watching there is something soothing in the aspect of water, grounding us again to the nature we are part of. 
Strangely enough thus week I posted on Linkedin a video clip of Rodney Crowell singing "Till I Can Gain Control Again"  -the song contains references to rowing, a lighthouse, and also the killer line "like sunlight dancing on your skin".
Is it the musicians, the words etc? Yes, but more so it's the song (and, as Trisha Yearwoood would sing "The Song Remembers When"). When all the elements come together then it makes for success.  
 On another note check out the single Gregory by a new band Chapter 24, on Facebook. A refreshing change to my ears, you'll probably like it too. Very good music, I also like the sound of the Fender Mustang bass, simple lines can be so effective. 
Had a listen to Dub Fever by King Tubby; Robbie Shakespeare's bass riddims are effective, seem simple - until you try to play them!

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,

Cryptic Furnace Press 2010 All rights reserved.       

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