Thursday, 16 December 2010

Now on Kindle: Blues Hung Up to Dry, Brand New Highway Stretching On. Your Festive Blessing.

After a great deal of work - editing etc- the Blues poems lyrics books are now on Kindle. Looking through them last night, I feel a great affinity for them, more so than the previous love collections - but then to quote a line from another of my poems "I defend all my children" (nothing wrong with romantic poems) so it's most likely a matter of different subjects/ styles to suit the poems lyrics that come out.

Still struggling with Kindle's ways. As an automated publishing system it can do strange things to your format, hence the cover pic on one of the books got slightly "clipped" but I can only do my best. (I'd need more knowledge of editing HTML to sort it out better)

At least I fixed the issue of a relatively short book of poems lyrics, only giving a taster of two or three poems. By moving the index of lines, about the Author, and foreword to the back of the books, I "forced" the Kindle software to include more poems lyrics in the FREE sample pages (about 10% of the total contents) I you are publishing novels via Kindle you will not have the issue I'm talking about- since your novel likely to be way more lengthy than my poems lyrics anthologies.
Will it lead to any sales? We'll see...  

In the books I acknowledge the support given by Ernie Ball Music Man in letting my post my poems lyircis on their Forum. Strangely enough - just pure coincidence - one of the anthologies has it's ident number including Bongo - a bass made by music man and the one I play myself. (Brand New Highway Stretching On, ASIN: B004GB0NG0  !!)

Hoping to recover from a bad cold in time for the festive season, there's a lot of this going around in Winter.

If you 've read this far - thank you - then here's a poem for a festive blessing, text size increased to aid the reading . All the best, Louis:-

The Affirmations

No sun can set, yet leaves * better wise.

Or smile when seen,

Can fail to light *’s eyes.

The winds may chill, as from the trees fall leaves.

But still the green spring comes,

*’s hope believes.

Life’s stone’s disturb the pool, reflections concealed.

Soon smoothed,

The returned beauty is revealed.

When life’s way dims and pleasures seem in dearth;

Friends hands will bear * up,

To resolve’s birth.

Keep these lines * around you, may they mean;

These affirmations close by,

Read and often seen.

For what we think and dwell on, oft it’s said;

Sets scripts for life,

Our feet follow our head.

NB: Replace and insert your name where * appears to unlock the inner blessing of these lines.

All contents © Louis J. Casson  2010 All rights reserved.

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