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Keep on keeping above ground (New year resolution?)

Hi everyone, Back again after the Christmas pause. Not that it's been a dormant few weeks in any on..

Podcast with Morgen Bailey - Novelist and Writer - recorded Monday 10th January (released 13th January).
We talked about the art/process of writing song lyrics and poems, and I gave some tips on this. I also read three of my song lyrics poems. Featured at the end of Part 2: There Is a Love, The Secrets Summer Keeps and No Tour Required  (one for Blues lovers). Part 1 is online now, to down load via iTunes etc. Part 2 available from 21st January. See Morgen Bailey's website, Weekly Tips Podcast or Special Episodes page.
Link (scroll down to lower third of page for podcast questions/contents):-

Words on the Water competition.
Mailed off my entry to this, fingers crossed! Is a poet wothout honour in his own country? Maybe it's time to break with tradition. Enjoy the snowy picture... "When you can see the mountains, it's snowing. If you can't see them , it's raining" (!?) 

Clare Free, blues guitarist, band leader. Stuart Dixon.
The last issue of Blues Review magazine featured Women of the Blues, including Joanne Shaw Taylor.
Clare Free is another one to watch out for. Some good tracks to download for FREE, they are a good taster of Clare's Blues tracks. My Favoright? "My Perfect Man", a fine example of Blues got soul.

Stuart Dixon. From the same area as Clare, Stuart also has tracks to listen to.Currently he hosts the weekly Sunday Night Jam at the Crown and Anchor, St. Edmunds Road, Northampton (8pm onwards, resident Band Cinqui), links:-

Latest poems lyrics...
Results of Billboard World Song Contest to come in around February time  - maybe my entries in the Jazz (a  Ballad) or R & B categories will hit the spot?

Since my last Blog, about 6 or 7 new poems lyrics; some humorous in nature
Keep on keeping Above Ground ( to support all post Flu battlers) and I Loved You More Than That (about adopting a small black kitten  that then grew into something a bit larger... extracts follow.  Till next time keep safe.

Keep on keeping above ground!

When plan A is shot down in flames

It’s the end, or seeming so, of all your plans and games.

No more airy castles, schemes or grand designs

Just blueprints burned and exit signs.

Leaves you choked, you can barely say a word.

But we’re all still here above ground

While the good Lord tends us from above.

Should we dwell on things now snuffed?

Or on much cheerier stuff?

I know which I prefer,

It’s the thoughts that lead to love.

...To conclude I’ll set the mood

And prevent us all having a good brood.

Simply keep on keeping above ground

That’s the art


Keep on keeping above ground

Don’t lose heart

Keep on keeping above ground!

I Loved You More Than That (For Gojira)

I found you in the rain on my drive

All black and sodden mewling.

Eyes blinking in that helpless way

That dictates what I did next.

I dried you and fed you from the bottle

Milk like a mother.

Perhaps I could have left you in the windy storm,

But I loved you more than that.

So tiny wee when first we met,

But you grew, and how!

From Kitten to more dog in scale than cat.

Others said: “Too big, get rid”,

While I, I didn’t know what to think,

But I loved you more than that.

....I stroked you for a last time, then watched as you went free,

To roam wherever, as I returned to my static home.

I could have had you adopted by some Zoo

For a Panther is not really a cat.

But in love I set you free,

Although I’ll never know the end, the final chapter of the story,

For I loved you more than that.

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