Friday, 20 August 2010

Back Again

Another week almost concluded - weekend to come. This postings piece came about as I was expecting a book I'd reserved at the Library (The Definitive Roy Orbison Collection, published by Hal Leonard) it was returned late which was a bit frustrating, but I have it now to play!

Earlier in the week I'd watched Benny Hinn's TV program This is Your Day, on GOD TV (Virgin Media, channel 279, @ 8.30am weekdays in the UK) where Benny quoted from the Psalms "like a parched land my soul cries for thee".

The above plus my  Blues orientation lead to the piece Back Again. A somewhat strange mix  to produce this output? ("Strange Brew", as Cream would say?) But all sorts of stuff influences.

I got the chorus first, a long one, and had to write it down on the back of an envelope before it vanished - usually within a half hour unless I note it down. I have the tune in my head so I 'll need to note this too somehow (tape?)

Boy with Girl, Boy loses Girl to another, Girl comes back again; is the basic storyline of this one.  I think I've a got freshness in the words covering this.

P.S. Realised that polenta is ground corn meal, in my supermarket, so I can make cornbread after all! An end to "that low and mournful sound" referred to in my last posting - cornbread is not just for Louisiana! 


Back Again (extract)

Someone though they’d keep you

But they gave you back again.

You refresh my soul

Like summer rain.

Don’t you go away now

Leave me parched again.

Days without you

Stack up to a life in vain.

Back again.

I’m loving this feeling


He felt he’d turned the lock

But you slipped off the stock.

You broke the chain.

He thought he’d call the tune

But you rewrote the music.

A new refrain...

NB: All lyrics © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,
Cryptic Furnace Press 2010    All rights reserved.

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