Thursday, 12 August 2010

"The Blues Done Come Around Again"

The title of this post is a Count Basie track - seemed appropriate as I'm posting Blues lyrics again (I can't quit the Blues but I left it alone for a little while, as Robert Plant almost sang).

Not a bad week. Some business coaching, plus my Dean Explorer living up to expectations - working on a version of Steady Rolling Man with the low E string dropped to D.

This piece came from watching Steven Seagal, adding a slice of GOD TV evangelism, and stirring gently. Like all my stuff it's not entirely a literal meaning, more images with comments thrown in. The double chorus stanzas , single verse stanza format just happened, nice to have a different twist.

No Cornbread To Be Found (extract)

What’s that wail across the bayou

That low and mourning sound?

Through all of Louisiana

No cornbread to be found.

Why Jesus wail across the world

His low and mourning sound?

Through all kinds of nations

Few salvation seekers to be found.

Got my ticket in my pocket

See the salvation show.

All Glory Jesus Jesus

Ask for money, see them go.

They're trying to bring the fire down

But something aint smelling right.

Got their heads all way up way up

Too far to see the light...

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , Purple Squirrel Poems,
Cryptic Furnace Press 2010   All rights reserved.

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