Friday, 24 September 2010

My Lake District Tour, I Found An Old Letter


Back from Cumbria last week, weather traditional for those parts - wind and rain - but some sunny intervals! Here's the "virtual tour" as it were:-

Ullswater, they are rebuilding the pier at Pooley bridge; so the boats go from Glenridding at the moment. On the way there we spotted the Alpacas in the fields of the Alpaca Centre.

Keswick , Breakfast @ Brysons - English Grill (NB: Tiffanys may be OK, but I doubt they serve Cumberland Sausage with brown sauce there) Toasted plumbread is great! Came away with Rum Butter and Simnel Cake.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Carlisle. A visit to see the medieval glass windows in the Cathedral. The Castle is also worth a look.

Penrith/ Rheged Centre. Saw Secrets of the Pyramids on the Giant 3D screen (similar to iMax in London).

Whitehaven, visiting family. Must get to Muncaster Castle and Ravenglass railway again. Next time maybe.

Of course the muse of poems & lyrics went along with me; here's two I wrote this week:-

I Found An Old Letter

I found an old letter that I had from you before

Praising love as a healer

Found inside someone

When they accept another through their door.

And though some lines had faded it continued

This is what the letter said

You are such a lovely person

I’ll keep this thought for you, even if apart or dead.

I look out of my window, love and kisses were at the end.

When you left my world was hurled

From the warmth of certainties we knew

I’m reminded watching the news alone,

We could sure use some healing in our world.

Everything We Said

Was everything I said, a lie?

And all the things we did

Just practicing goodbye?

Truth held in a moment.

Lost in days,

Following love’s fall.

Happiness brief,

Sunshine through some clouds,

Is that all?

Was all you loved, some little play?

And all our nights, just ticking by,

Till then another day?

Feelings felt once

Deep, not easily undone.

Do you recall,

Believing too,

Or am I the solitary one?

Till next time, keep safe!

NB: All contents © Louis J. Casson , 2010  All rights reserved.


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