Monday, 1 November 2010

Love Poems on Kindle: Apart, I Found an Old Letter

My books on Kindle are now “live” i.e. for purchase. A bit tricky but I managed to include at least one taster poem in each sample that Amazon Kindle will send out to would be buyers.

These are:-

From “The Secrets Summer Keeps”:


I fear the thing not yet actual, the vague awareness;

Merely this shadow on the wall,

Of the crouching beast coiled

Soon to spring, with claws.

Nothing wrong. "There" is fine with you,

Words remote over the phone.

But words give no comfort, distance ensures absence, insulates Soothement of fears...

I liked the made-up word “soothement” invented yet it seemed right to convey the idea (like ointment, “soothement” is what others give to make us feel better!).

From ”Sharing a Soft small Star”:

I Found an Old Letter

I found an old letter that I had from you before

Praising love as a healer

Found inside someone

When they accept another through their door.

And though some lines had faded it continued

This is what the letter said

You are such a lovely person

I'll keep this thought for you, even if apart or dead.

 I look out of my window, love and kisses were at the end.

When you left my world was hurled

From the warmth of certainties we knew.

I'm reminded watching the news alone,

We could sure use some healing in our world.

This is a new poem. Are the lovers still alive but separated, or is it memory of the surviving partner, the other now passed on? Sometimes the strength of the lines lie in the looseness/ambiguity.

Mingled in with the lines are ordinary observations: looking out of the window, watching the TV news; a reminder that after the event – loss of love/a person- the daily flow of events continues, as a backdrop to our feelings.

More coming...

What now? Well I have my general poems to edit into collections plus one that may be almost entirely Blues / Song Lyrics - I'll see how things go.  The overall plan is to select the best poems and lyrics from the period 2001 to 2009, some of which currently exist only in printed form; adding new lyrics/poems from 2010, then release on Kindle.

I may do a limited run of printed copies, but these are likely to be very small in mnumber (6- 10  collection say) and mainly for family, immediate friends. 

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