Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dialect, is it valid in poetry or lyrics? Cable Blues - The Versions. Gospel Piano DVD by Noval Smith

Looking at the Project H website, musicians working together,thank you Chris Hill,
the following lyrics "popped" out onto the paper. Is this authentic? Probably not, but I'm simply trying to get the feel of the rhythm, style here as far as I can. Dialect words were used by Rabby Burns and in popular folk songs etc, so if done respectfully then it's OK. Dialect is really a local language.  Here's a taste.(xtract)...

Perfec’ Love

I’m talkin now 'bout perfec’ love,

the kind that tingles and lasts.

No overnight or a brief affair,

like a fisherman, back he casts.

I’s always seekin a perfec’ love

alway kind that smarts yet smooth

You gi me that in special way

ev’ry day ev’ry night you prove.

You gi me that in special way

ev’ry day ev’ry night you prove.

Mi friend you can lose, lose your perfec’ love

by no paying attention.

So gi her kisses an hugs an smiles and rings,

that’s the way to ensure retention.

So gi her kisses an hugs an smiles and rings,

that’s the way to ensure retention....

There is Something

There is something about the ways you have

keeps leading, leading me through.

There is something about the days we share

keeps leading, leading us two.

There is something about the love you give

keeps leaving, leaving me wanting more.

There is something about your face my love

keeps me looking, looking over and o’er.

Just that something,

yeah, just that something.

You’re giving, I keep living,

on for more and more.

Just that something,

yeah, just that something.

Come now sweetness,

taste completeness,

more and more...

Cable Blues - The Versions
Nick Westgarth, connected to the Carlisle Blues Festival, (also the Maryport Blues Festival?)
NB: 2010 Festival site, http://www.carlislebluesfestival.com/
2011 Festival site, http://www.maryportblues.co.uk/
had some probs with his mobile (cell) lately, so I wrote some lyrics with him in mind. Later his partner requested a "response" one - like they used to do way back (I'm recalling now a Country & Western Classic "Dear John", followed by the girls reponse track "Dear John I Don't Love you) 
Here's a taste of them both (xtracts)...

Phone Cable Guy Blues

Seems my phone and cell are fine

No problems with the line

All the techno’s fine and crystal clear.

In spite of repeated calls

My cable guy never comes to fix, just stalls.

Well at least If you don’t arrive

You can’t then down tools, quit and disappear.

Phone cable guy Blues

No matter which service provider you choose

One thing sticks to them all that’s clear.

They say they’ll be with you Tuesday

I’m uncertain of the year...

Phone Cable Gal Blues

My cell and phone are fine

Keeps getting better like vintage wine

With Cable Gal, I’ve no reasons for worry or fear.

For she’ll come before I call

It’s like mystic powers

Some supernatural recall.

She knows just what and how before its clear.

Phone cable gal Blues

No matter what the problem is you can’t lose

So worry no more.

Before the cable crashes,

She’s driving through the rain and splashes

To my door...

Gospel Piano by Ear
Just starting to go thru the DVD by Noval Smith on Gospel Piano - playing by ear - Part 1. Will let you know how I get on...
Till  my next Blog...take care.
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