Wednesday, 20 April 2011

What Lives Evolves

Hi all,

Is this posting a bit of a rant? Not really, more a statement to take the past, be aware, yet also take on board the reponsibility to evolve. All forms of Art start as an awareneness of the past techniques etc, but then go on to include new ideas.

I may take a sly pop at Rhyme Royal but then discover that the form is in fact used in one of my favorite poems  - by Thomas Wyatt "They flee from me that sometime did me seek".

Similarly the Petrarchan Sonnet form, is used by Wordsworth

The poem uses straight forward rhymes, with a slang feel to it, judge for yourselves...Till next time take care.

What Lives Evolves

Some sad deluded fool boasting,

’ bout being master of the petrarchan sonnet.

Well whatever pills you on they working fine,

just glad that I’m not on it!

But I’ll Amen to assimilating tools that I can use,

Don’t bother with some clever archaic textbook stuff,

I won’t be falling for that self-promoed PR genius ruse.

You mentioned royal rhyme.

But I’m too busy sucking in the world,

then melding crafting it into the new.

For scanning dead museums I don’t have the time.

Don’t get me wrong,

I’m hip to your techniques.

But taken from their context they’ll stay

placed in memories, back of my head,

‘nough said?

Yet known you can’t deny their distanced echoes knowledge,

rippling out into today’s content, influencing the muse your chasing,

no disregard or striking from the record as it were.

All this poetry making,

sure ain’t no episode of Perry Mason.

So, don’t be a fossil, some quaint thing,

a dead rock found upon the beach.

What lives evolves.

Take and evolve the forward moving wave,

shifting into future’s reach.


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