Saturday, 1 October 2011

New book coming: See You in the Big time

Hi everyone,

“See You in the Big Time”. New book of poems lyrics coming soon.

Apologies for the long delay since my last Blog.  I had to take my summer break, plus recent  work on my new book “See You in the Big Time” , editing etc. I expect to release the book in the coming week (3 October onwards).

I’ll announce this with a link to Amazon Kindle when it’s finally all ready for sale.  

“Silenced By Love”.

This is a new poem, written in Milton Keynes library last Wednesday.

                        Silenced by Love

There’s a word that
before it gets to be thunk.
Before lips move or
even the impulse to.
Lies dormant
ceasing on the tongue.

A child wants to show a picture:
“Daddy look!”
Or softly nestle up
a small soft hand in mine.

Puppies pleading
whining low
eyes looking up into mine.

each night kisses
before sleep.

You only want to be loved.

Only outside of the moment
could No exist.

This poem © Louis J. Casson 2011 All rights reserved.

Music tracks in production
I’m working with composer/musician Charles Sheinman on setting my poems lyrics to music. The pre-mastering mix of Mr. Blues was a tad scary but in a good way! I hope to share a taste of the tracks with you soon. Link:!/CoolMan8

Early November Blues tuition

In early November I’m taking some tuition in singing phrasing with two professional jazz musicians. Andra Sparks (singing) Nick Weldon (Piano) Makes sense since quite a few of my pieces are Blues based and it should enhance my performance of the pieces live.

Andra Sparks, Jazz singer. Website:
Nick Weldon, Jazz piano Website:

Louis’ Digital Jukebox.

I was in Starbucks, Milton Keynes, drinking a large Americano when I heard  Billy Holiday’s “ Good Morning Heartache” Maybe I should add this to my playlist to learn?

Here’s a link to the music:-

That’s all for now folks.

Till my next Blog, take care.

Louis J  

This Blog content, Poems & Lyrics, Copyright Louis J. Casson 2011.
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