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LovePoetsXXX session 8 June 2011, new poems on Conflict.

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From the Tuesday LovePoetsXXX, session 08 June 2011: subject “Conflict” session exercise and work.!/LovePoetsxxx

Topics mentioned:

Satire, poem to popular tune; words political or incisive comment re a person situation.

Alexander Pope, 18th Century poet satirist. Also Swift.

The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay.

A Folk Opera, popular tunes of the time with new words being included; still produced today. These YouTube clips are from the 1950’sfilm featuring Laurence Olivier and Stanley Holloway.
Laurence Olivier: “Over the hills and far away”:
With Stanley Holloway: “The Lion and the Oak”

My Poems drafted in the LovePoetsXXX session;

 titles: “Conflict“, “Words Flowing on”, “Words a bubblin’ ”.



Just a word getting real,

when you’re pushed around

then licked.


Better tool up in your mind,

polish up your arguments,

avoiding being dicked.


Waking eyes open too late to the ruse.

But I never knew or thought,

after always a poor excuse.


There’s a meaning underlying the word,

instead of war we sanitise,

the semantics of the deadly absurd.


Child soldiers, human traffic,

lives and souls daily bought.

Takes a brave man, maybe alone,

overcoming all the evil that’s been wrought.

Words Flowing On

What if all the words just went on?

Blethering torrent, slave to the rhythms,

insisting, urging,

on till meaning’s gone.

What if all our talking

was sounds of empty schemes.

Like to trying to sleep in daytime

with content-less dreams.

What if all the days

just came and went.
Like the leaves

falling from our calendars,

despairing when your money’s all spent.

Words a bubblin’

I love u like crazy; but u break mi heart in bits.

Mi head’s all clear; but mi body tourettes n fits.

Weez not getting on; but I’m loving tha juices n spark.

I’d like ta go pump iron; but mi feet stray into tha park.

When young I’s going live eternal, like superman;

now it’s all half over, days flushed down tha pan.

Adjectival descriptions of tha conflict phenomenon

curving n contrasting

as tha words a bubbling

going on n on.

How many alternatives do I think?

For I’s flowing wit tha words,

faster n a blink.

Adjectival descriptions of tha conflict phenomenon

curving n contrasting

as tha words a bubbling

going on n on.

This is mi end of tha conflict rhyme,

people get ready for I’s stopping,

simply now’s the time.

On my current music listening list:
Dean Chohan (this guy is a HOT singer, watch out for him!)
Bach. St John’s Passion: “To release me from this prison”

Peter Tosh, The Gold Collection. “Testify”.

Louis Armstrong “West End Blues”. For Blues fans!

The Micah Insights.

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