Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Fame in the Desert, a Virtual tour of Norfolk. Where is the Love?

Hi everyone and welcome to my latest Blog! News and a mix of my poems lyrics work, holiday links for you to see the places I went to, also my music selections. Enjoy!  

Sunday LovePoetsXXX, Live session

03 July 2011: subject “Conflict”.

An excellent session, good vibe, with everyone enjoying themselves.

I performed one piece solo “Fame in the Desert” another - “Where is the love?” with me on the verses, Flamegirl on the chorus. Thank you April and Caroline for making the night possible!


Fame in the Desert
Once on the mountain, the world before,
all an offer to me.
Fame in the desert with the tempter beside,
whispering soft it could be.

See it flowing, flowing down,
water down my window pane.
Like the sunshine, new each day,
some things are always the same.

Once in the city, heavy from the usual score
she’s still around, I don’t know you.
Celeb promos, but no one caring is close
so money lights, they will do.

See them following, following me,
through the streets, cross the corners again.
Why should I face them, their needs to meet,
the special one I remain.

I took the bait, now some scary tightrope
how quickly cool they move on.

I re-invent see I’m something new now,
but lost myself in this chameleon.

Crossed the world, but it never bit back,
seems retributions an illusion.
Like what we see, may never be,
glints of clear in confusion.

Where is the Love?

Where is the love? I left a message, you haven’t called.
Maybe it’s lost in the ethers’ traffic, you’re wondering too,
So we both got stalled.

Where is the love? I thought we knew, no doubts aboutcha.
Yet it’s been a long while with no returning
No “right back atcha”.

Where is the love? It’s just hiding, seek and it’s clear.
All the love you need, was just waiting for you here.

Where is the love? I ‘m sinking, thinking if we’re apart
I’ll need you hurry back soon, fill up this depression,
Where used ta be my heart.

Where is the love? No need for words continue.
When you get here, gonna keep you to me always,
Find all the love that’s in you.

Where is the love? No need to fuss or fret.
No other one I know, compares to you my pet.

These Poems Copyright, Louis J. Casson 2011

Poems & lyrics, new ones in progress.
“Now done Bro“. Written in support of Christopher Smith (Irie Jah) – Reggae Artist:

Now Done Bro

Now done Bro, I do what I can
Cos helpings my nature, makes me a better man.
Now done bro, now need to ask “what’s up?”
...Just send in the request, and I’ll fill your cup.

See it all good things coming, closer to us all.
Keep you close to me sister brother,
I’ll need you to help straighten me up if I fall.
If I fall.

Now done Bro, bystanding ain’t the answer
Cos when you see the need, action hotsteps the dancer.
No done bro, my pleasure to lift you, ain’t no cause for regret
Cheer you when you make the Big Time, getting closer the time’s now set.

See it all good things coming, closer to us all.
Keep you close to me sister brother,
I’ll need you to help straighten me up if I fall.
If I fall.

Lyrics Copyright, Louis J. Casson 2011

My vacation in Norwich & Norfolk: a virtual tour.
Jarrolds, Norwich. http://www.jarrold.co.uk/index-department.html
This is large department store, one of the largest outside of London. Jonathans’ Restaurant recommended; grilled smoked Salmon on leaves.

Great Yarmouth. Always good for a day out, reminds me of Blackpool. Usual purchase of new trainers.

Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth. Old-fashioned seaside town, with Lido pool. Beautiful clean white sands, Turkish delight ice cream with a fudge bar is a must try!

Hunstanton. Victorian seaside town. Seafood stall closed due to bad weather on the day of our visit, so no Lobster tails with seafood sauce this year!

Sandringham. Had the usual picnic in a woodland glade in the Grounds of Sandringham.

Ekin Music, Norwich. One of the best for sheet music, also Ukuleles by Lanikai and others. http://www.elkinmusic.co.uk/index.php

On my current music listening list:

Gregory Isaacs, clips from Youtube. Some wicked basslines here!

“One More Chance”:
“Number One, Stranger in Town, Tune In”:

“Sad to Know Your Leaving”:

John Coltrane.
Finished reading “Coltrane, the story of a sound” by Ben Ratliff while on holiday.A Love Supreme” really is Coltrane’s masterpiece:

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